Racing the River Ogmore

Día Tres (as Mr Murphy would say!!!)

Day Three by Alina

At 8 o'clock, we all went to the cafeteria to enjoy a delicious breakfast and get some power for a long day. We had omelette, toast and hoops. After that we had a short break to get ready for the class where we prepared for the field work and got our wellies and waterproof clothes that were very useful later. We made our way to the bus and travelled to the first site to get our measurements. Everyone worked very hard in their groups and was very helpful. In the second site water got deeper but it didn't stop us from working hard and getting the measurements. After that, we traveled to the castle where we had our lunch and prepared for the hardest but most interesting part of the day: the mouth which is the deepest and widest part of the river. We used the stepping stones across the river to get to the last site of the day. When we got there, the water was waist deep but the bravest of us were not scared to get into the water and get the results. After that, we travelled to the beach which was absolutely stunning. That was the last place we visited so we travelled back to the centre, had a break and went back to the classroom to analyse the results. We had a delicious pizza for dinner and had some free time to relax after a long day.

Today's Awards