Childproofing Your Bathroom!

Lisette, Emily, & Molly

Find Out How to Child-Proof Your Bathroom


  • Add child safety-locks to your cabinets to prevent the child from accessing cosmetics and medications.


  • Put a soft, plastic, or rubber guard over the tub spout to prevent your baby from bumping his head.
  • Insert a nonslip rubber mat in your tub to prevent slips or falls.


  • Add a child safety toilet lock to prevent your baby from lifting the lid.

Electrical Outlets

  • Make sure all electric outlets near the sink or tub are protected by a GFCI. (ground-fault circuit interrupter)


  • Install a hook-and-eye lock on your door or place a childproof cover over the doorknob to make sure your baby can't get into the bathroom unsupervised.