Grade 2 News

Thursday, September 24

Upcoming Events:

September 25: International Day

September 28: CCEP clubs starts

October 14 & 15: Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 19-30: Fall break (no school)

October 26 - 30 CCEP Vacation Program

November 2: School resumes

Note from Classroom Teachers

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Students have been working hard and showing us what they know! We have spent the first few weeks getting to know the students, assessing their skills, reviewing and introducing skills in all areas.

We hope you enjoy our bi-weekly Smore flyer and find it packed with useful information. You will see upcoming events, topics covered and tips for helping out at home! Enjoy!

Unit 1: Role Models

Central Idea: Choices of role models reflect the beliefs and values of individuals and societies

Lines of Inquiry:

  • What determines our beliefs and values
  • How and why role models are chosen
  • Influence of role models on our choices and actions

Unit related vocabulary:

During our first unit we are using many new words when discussing our role models, creating our bilingual word wall, and writing biographies and autobiographies. We encourage you to talk about the meaning of the following words with your child at home:



-role model




We are also using a variety of adjectives when describing our role models. Some of these are:



-open minded



Tips for home: Share any role models you have with your child! Did you have any growing up? Who is your role model now?

Please sign up to be a role model!!! Contact your classroom teacher if you would like to be a parent role model and present your profession to the class!


Language concepts:

· Review writing conventions (full stop, spacing, letter formation, capitalization)

· Review parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives)

Tips for home:

Writing conventions: Help students use correct spelling and capital letters when writing in their homework folders. Also challenge students to write sentences with their spelling words or use them in a spoken sentence.

Parts of speech: Look for nouns and verbs in their take-home readers or RazKids books.

Spelling Investigations

  • review sounds and blends
  • short and long vowel sounds

Tips for home:

Encourage students to pick out short vowel words from their reader and create a list. Students may add these to lists in the classroom!


· Determine, through investigation, the relationship between days and weeks and between months and years.

· Pose and answer questions to demonstrate understanding about class generated data in concrete graphs, pictographs, simple bar graphs, and tally charts (e.g., Which is the least favourite season?)

Number Skills this semester (outside of the unit):

  • Place value to 1,000
  • Add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers
  • Skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and 100 (forward and backward)
  • Begin to interpret word problems

Tips for home:

After assessing the students, we have discovered that many actually don't know the days of the week or the month of the years out of sequence or memorized order. When you have a moment ask your child some questions and let them use a real calendar to find the answers.

Examples of questions:

What month comes after March?

What comes before January?

What season is November in?

What day of the week does your birthday fall on this year?

What day of the week is 11 days after your birthday?

Math Support

For those of you interested in hands on math activities to support your child's learning. Please follow our math coordinator on Pinterest at:



We reviewed many spelling patterns that were introduced in 1st grade:

- ei (das Eis), au (der Baum), eu (die Eule)

- pf (das Pferd)

- ch (das Buch, die Milch)

- sch (die Tasche)

- qu (der Quark)

- st/sp (spielen, stark)


We introduced the Korrekturkarte, which helps students to remind themselves of important aspects during writing (e.g. start sentences with a capital letter, end sentences with a period, capitalize nouns).


We have been very busy with reading our sight words (Kopfwörter). Students also have the opportunity to read books from a variety of reading levels (Lesestufe 1-3).

Ways to help at home

1. Please practice reading and writing sight words at home. A list of sight words was send home in the homework folder.

2. Encourage your child to read German books as often as possible.


Dear Parents,

We would like to take the opportunity to give you some feedback about the beginning of this school year.

The first contact within the educators team and class has been successful. The children are getting used to their daily routines and the new CCEP structure. New students are becoming acquainted with the school and have made some new friends. The new after school room situation provides a clearly arranged, safe environment for students and the transition to the new afternoon structure has been well received by our students and parents! The students enjoy their new surrounding and can make self-determined choices between several offers in the rooms and playground in the afternoon.

We are looking forward to a good start with the Club Program, which is starting next week and will continue to do our best to maintain a pleasant afternoon program for your child!

With warm regards,

Your 2nd grade CCEP Team.

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