Black Radishes

By Susan Lynn Meyer


It is March, 1940, and Gustave Becker has no choice but to move to Saint-Georges, leaving his cousin, Jean-Paul, and his best friend, Marcel, behind. When he starts school in the new area he lives in, he gets pushed into a fountain by another kid who just so happens to be in his class. Gustave makes a few friends, but he has to keep secrets from them. Gustave eventually comes up with a plan to get his cousin to safety and away from the Nazis. The plan is dangerous, risky, and might not work.
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External-Man vs Society- Gustave's family decide to move to Saint-Georges, in the Loire Valley, but Gustave argues with his parents to stay, because he doesn't want to leave his best friend and his cousin behind.

Internal-Man vs Self- When Gustave starts school, he is not allowed to say anything about his family that might give the hint that he is Jewish. Gustave has to keep secrets from classmates, and even his friends.


The story takes place in the year 1940, in Paris, then moves to Saint-Georges, in the Liore Valley, where Gustave's family hides.
Paris 1940 - Deutsche Besatzung - German Occupation - l´Occupation allemande, film: color/bw

Rising Action/Climax

Everything is fine, until the Nazis invade Paris. Gustave's family decides to move to

Saint-Georges, but Gustave doesn't want to go. When he starts school, he gets pushed into a fountain when he was running an errand for his family. That same kid is in his class. He meets a girl named Nicole, and things start to get more difficult. He has to keep secrets from his classmates and friends. Gustave's friend, Marcel, goes missing. Gustave one day figures out a plan to get his cousin and his family away from Paris, and into safety. The entire plan is dangerous, and it no one knows if it will work.