He Who Held the World

By: Iona M.

Growing Up In A Poor Town

"I was like everyone in my town... we were all in the same boat. No one had anything, so no one felt particularly different from anyone else-- we all just got along and played together; no one thought about having money, because it was a foreign idea; no one thought about being poor because no one knew about any other type of living than what was given."

Intro Paragraph

"When people think of a hero, they think of someone with powers or special gadgets like Superman and Batman. These people, most commonly are considered heroes, not just because of their good deeds but also their powers. Merriam Webster Dictionary has three definitions of a hero, A. Someone who is admired for great, brave acts or fine qualities B. A person who is greatly admired and C. The chief male character in a story, play, movie, etc. The reality of the concept behind a hero is that you do not necessarily need to have powers in order to do selfless acts or make a positive impact in someone else's life. Heroes are everyday people that go out of their way to do good in the world and help others out. A hero is someone that creates such a positive impact on you due to their selflessness and willingness to put others need before their own. A hero is someone who does not concern themselves with what others think and never does anything to garner attention to for themselves on purpose. A hero is a person who genuinely wants to help others and do good."

Aretha Franklin

A hero is someone who creates such a positive impact on someone else's life due to their selflessness and being able to inspire them in a positive and forceful way. They do not concern themselves with what others think and look out for the greater good. They are strong, powerful and inspiring.

Her name is Aretha Franklin and she is my untouchable hero.

When I first heard her voice at a young age, I instantaneously gravitated towards her. She moved me and I felt so happy listening to her songs. As a young immigrant in America it was tough considering we had barely anything. I often felt sad and lonely going through the financial struggles and all of the family struggles that we went through.

Aretha Franklin went through a lot of the same struggles that I did and sung in such a beautifully candid way. Through her music she taught me to try to be as straightforward and honest as possible, and to push through all of the tough times and work hard because things will get better if you make them get better. She is strong and determined. Aretha Franklin is a true hero.

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