cute cuddly animals named koalas

Koalas population has been dropping because of us.One way we have been doing this is, cars are running over koalas. The other way is that we are cutting down the eucalyptus trees. Luckily for koalas we have set up reservers for them. Sometimes koalas end up in zoos.

In koalas habitat, people put up signs saying koalas for the next 2 km. or so. All this is in a effort to protect these cute animals from extinction.'We need to help these koalas,"said koala lover Michelle.That is what we should do,but first you need to know a little more about these cute cuddly creatures called koalas.


Koalas are one of Australia cute marsupials. (A animals with pouches )Koalas mostly live in Eastern Australia.This is because it's where the Eucalypts trees grow.Eucalypts trees are vidld to koalas habit . If there were no Eucalypti trees koalas would't be there.

When you'er only 3 feet tall the out back can be a scarer place.Even though Austria is the perfect habitat for koalas it isn't always the safest place. When you'er 3 feet tall it may seem like ever thing is out to get you, form owls to DingGo's.That is one resins that koalas stay


A koala baby AKA a joey is the cutest thing you ever did see. When a Joey is born there're the size of a jellybean. When a joey is born they don't have much hair at all.A joey so small when they are a new born you could hold one in 3 fingers.

The mother koalas are pregnent for 7 weeks. The mother koala can have one -two babies. Joeys