Katelyn Arellano

My Individual Action Plan

Setting Goals

Academic Goals: My academic goals are getting good grades in school.

Athletic Goals: My athletic goals are to try my best to make it on the basketball and volleyball team.

Personal Goals: My personal are getting into a good college after High School.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: My physical obstacle is that I can't see really well.

Family Obstacle: My family obstacle is eating a healthy meal everyday.

School Obstacle: My school obstacles is being shy to talk to in front of a class while presenting.

Financial Obstacle: My financial obstacle is that my parents work hard to pay rent money for our house, so they could provide us a home.


Teachers/ Coaches: I can rely on all my teachers to help me because they are the ones who teach me new things at school.

Relatives: I can rely on my mom mostly to give me advice because she always talks to me when I'm feeling sad and gives me advice on what to do.

Friends: I can rely on my friend Maria because I can count on her always being there for me when I need her help.

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: I'm going to push myself into taking risks and keep pushing myself to strive for greatness.

Education/ Training Plan: I need to study more , so I could get good grades.

Plan for acquiring Needed Skills: I need to have motivation to never give up.

Plan for Study and Practice: My plan is to study before a test and just make resources to help me get a good grade on a test.