AVID overveiw

By Malachi Ellis AVID 7th grade 6th period

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Cornell Notes in AVID class

In AVID our main focus is on making cornell notes. Cornell notes are an advanced way of taking notes that make you ask questions and awnser in the notes also creating a summary of 3-5 sentences of all your notes. Avid focuses on these types of notes so that we can graduate colledge with flying colors.


Tutorials are helping sesions that occur every Tuesday and Thursday. The tutorials last all class long with students from colleges comming too help us with our questions big or small. We all work together to help each othe suceed in AVID every week no matter how hard it is

Public Speaking

The AVID program also teaches us how to not be horifying at public speaking. AVID makes us learn how to speak with a loud voice, how not to look uncomfortable or nervoud while public speaking. I agree with AVID when they say public speaking is important because not being able to say your words right or stublling across them could make you look or sound wierd, but most of all it could hurt your grade


In our class we try our bes to keep our AVID binders clean by seperating all our subjects and having no papers in the front, or back, pockets. Doing this will help uus be able to find our papers faster and make our binder look organized


SLANT is a thing we are required to do in class. SLANT stands for sit up straight, lean forward, ask questions, nod your head, and talk with teachers. If we use this stradegy it show the teacher that were paying attention and it also makes us pay attention ourselves

How AVID helps me

By doing the things my AVID teacher tells me to do i have been getting better grades, im keeping track of my schedule, and i've been keeping up with my classes and not strugling