Leroy "Satchel" Pagie

"The oldest Rookie in history"

Early LIfe

Leroy was born on July ,1906 in Mobile Alabama. Leroy was the 7 of 12 children of his parents John who was a gardener and his mother Lula a wash women. When Leroy was 12 he had a little trouble that lead him into reform school. Leroy was honored for his pitching talents in reform school. Leroy's baseball talent coupled with his height Leroy grow to be 6'4. With the help from his coach Byrd he was able to throw a mean fast ball in high school

Major leagues

Since African american's were denied the right to play in the major leagues. Leroy started his baseball career in the Negro southern league. Leroy's talent quickly became noticed and he moved through the ranks in the negro leagues. Leroy went all over the country and played baseball. Is was not until Leroy was 42 in 1948 that his dream came true and he was able to enter the major League. Leroy became the oldest rookie to enter the major league.
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