American Lung Association

Finding cures

Facts about Smoking

For over 95 years researchers from the American Lung Association have been looking for a cure for smoking on how not to make your lungs black. They have also have been trying to improve lung diseases. There trying to make sure that you don't get lung cancer and such to make sure the people that smoke can live a healthy life. Did you know that every year in the U.S. over 392,000 people die from tobacco-caused disease?

The researchers find finding cures and also helping people stop smoking the also give facts about how many breaths an average adult can breath per minute. An average adult breaths 15 to 20 breaths a minute.

Why would this go to charity?

The reason why you would donate to this charity is because they are trying to stop different types of lung diseases. If they could get more upgraded types of materials then we could hold down those so many people that die each year from the lung diseases.

Why I picked this topic

Well all three of my sisters smoke... they have been doing it since 2011 and i want my sisters to live a happy living life without having lung disease at an early age. finding these cures would not just help people it would help the world be healthier.

A personal story that i've read.

"Brian was good in health working and managing his infection with HIV the virus that can cause AIDS when smoking led to health problems that nearly killed him. At the age 43 years old he had blood clots in his lungs which gave him a stroke, and a surgery on an artery in his neck. That's what smoking did to him until he realize what the stroke did to him he finally knew that he needed to stop smoking for good."