Vote Democratic-Republican Party!

By Trenton Collins and Payton Satterlee

Vote for the Democrat-Republicans, you'll never go back!

Thomas Jefferson rules by the people, unlike Alexander Hamilton who only cares about the wealthy! We have strong state governments and emphasis on agriculture! The Federalists have a loose interpretation of the Constitution, but we are strict. We have state banks and free trade, but the federalists only have a National Bank and protective tariffs.

About Thomas Jefferson.

Born in Virginia in 1743, Jefferson grew up with an appreciation for learning. He attended the College of William and Mary, then studied law privately and was admitted to the Virginia bar in 1767. Throughout his life, he devoted himself to learning. He read Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, and Anglo-Saxon. He took a keen interest in science as well, and conducted numerous experiments in agriculture.

Why you should vote for Thomas.

There were many differences between the two groups.

Republicans felt that the government belonged to all thepeople. They believed most people could make good decisions about their country. They wanted strong state and local governments. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were Republicans.

Federalists felt that only educated men could make decisions. They wanted a strong federal (central) government. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and John Adams were Federalists.

A British political cartoon decepting the XYZ affair. America is represented by the woman, who is being plundered by five frenchmen. The figures grouped off to the right are other European countries. John Bull, representing Great Britain, sits laughing on a hill.