Conrady Parent Update

January 22, 2021

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A Positive spin on thankfulness

According to research in positive psychology, you can become happier by being grateful.

Read more about the healing power of gratitude in this Psychology Today article.

The quote above is attributed to author Bruce Wilkinson

Please read this important letter with your eighth grader so they understand their responsibilities as a Conrady student preparing to graduate.
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Hearty congratulations to the two students pictured above who have been selected to be a part of the ILMEA District 1 Band after auditioning against hundreds of other students from the area.
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Frog Dissection in 7th Grade Science

Article written by student contributor Giuliana Santos

Conrady 7th grade students learned about frog dissection with Mrs.Buckley, Ms.Pittos, and Dr.Draguesku. Classroom students performed the frog dissection to learn about frog organs and body, and to compare their organs to human body organs. They do this by observing the frog and cutting it open based on a diagram put on the board. The students' opinions on the frog dissection was fifty/fifty. Some of the students found the Frog Dissection great and some found it disturbing.

Would your Conrady student like to contribute to the Parent Update? Have the student email us!

Sticker Challenge Improves Participation

Teachers at Conrady are using the sticker challenge to improve participation. When a new student participates, they get to put a sticker on their face. When 100% of students participate in a prompt, they all get to put on a sticker. In some cases, the teacher puts the stickers on their own face to the delight of everyone! The pictured students participated in a whole class unit review in Ms. Hines and Ms. Bett's room.
Erin's law was signed into Illinois Law in 2013. Please read this informative letter about Conrady's Upcoming Be Seen and Heard Program for all students. The letter includes a link to a parent informational video from the presenters.

If you prefer that your child opt-out of this prevention education session, please sign and return the letter to the main office by Friday, February 5, 2021. We will call upon confirmation of the returned letter. If you do not receive a call from us, we did not receive the returned opt-out letter.

General Community Communication 2021 Updated for Semester 2

Parents: Please use the General Community Communication as a references for activities, events, and information about Conrady Junior High. The communication contains recently updated information for Semester 2.


Students in the LEAP program put in a lot of effort completing surprise math problems using the Addition spinner. Pictured is Evan T as he solves a problem.

Messages from the Nurse's Office

Attention Eighth Grade Parents

8th grade students will be receiving a hearing and vision screening over the next few weeks. If your child wears glasses please remind them to have and wear them at school.

Attention Sixth Grade Parents

6th grade dental requirements are fast approaching. If you need to make an appointment with the dentist please do so. If you have not turned in the exam report please turn it into Conrady's office. All 6th graders are required by the state to have a dental exam.

If your 6th grader is still missing their physical or any immunizations please follow up with your doctors office. Some offices have received the required vaccines.

Keep children home if they are sick

Please remember to keep your child home from school if they have any flu like symptoms or COVID symptoms. Students are required to be symptom free for 48 hours and cleared by the COVID team prior to returning to school. Students should join their classes remotely if they are able to. Thank you for keeping our students and staff healthy.

REMINDER: Follow traffic patterns for drop-off and pick-up

For the safety of our students and staff, and to avoid accidents, please refer to these traffic maps before arriving at Conrady:
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Curbside Meal Pick-Up EXTENDED AGAIN!

Now serving 3 meals each of breakfast and lunch on mondays and Wednesdays

What: Three Breakfast and Three lunch meals-to-go
When: Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Where: Conrady Junior High Entrance #8

Cost: FREE Through June, 30 2021

Click here for more details about the curbsite pick-up.

See this district webpage about the extension of the free meal program.

UPDATED TIMES for Conrady Schedules!

Please refer to the Conrady Junior High schedule below for Semester 2. All students should be in their seats and ready at the times posted for Attendance and Announcements, whether online or in the classroom.

Click here to view a sample student schedule that you can print and fill in for your child.
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Calendar At A Glance

  • Monday, January 25
    Gold Day
  • Tuesday, January 26
    Black Day
  • Wednesday, January 27
    Gold Day
  • Thursday, January 28
    Black Day
  • Friday, January 29
    Gold Day
  • Monday, February 1
    Black Day
  • Tuesday, February 2
    Gold Day
  • Wednesday, February 4
    Team Day - Remote Learning for All Students
  • Thursday, February 5
  • Black Day
  • Friday, February 6
    Gold Day

H. H. Conrady Junior High School

Ms. Adrienne Pavek, Principal

Mrs. Dorita McCabe, Assistant Principal

Mr. Jed Ramsey, Dean of Students