September 2020

Principal's Message

Greetings Hiteon Community,

The school year is underway, and the circumstances with Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and the addition of the wildfires have created an unprecedented beginning of the school year. However, our staff is working hard to create virtual classrooms where all our students can learn and thrive. We know that these are not ideal circumstances, but our commitment at Hiteon is to meet the challenge and create a positive learning experience for all our students.

As we continue our educational journey this year, we must remember CDL is a learning curve for all of us, so please be patient and give yourself and others grace as we learn together. There will be obstacles along the way, but we will get through them as a community. We will take each day as it comes and realize each day is an opportunity to learn and create a stronger community. Please, remember to breathe and take time for yourself and your families during this time of uncertainty. Hiteon’s Heart is embracing each of our students!

On behalf of the entire Hiteon Staff, welcome back! We look forward to working with your family this year!

Be well, and stay safe!

Meghan Warren, Principal

Jenny Read-Emslie, Assistant Principal

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Coffee with the Principals

Join Meghan and Jenny for coffee over Zoom on Friday, October 2nd at 9:00am

This will be a recurring meeting with the same log in for each meeting on these dates:

November 20th, January 29th, March 19th and May 28th.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 989 3174 1190

Passcode: Hiteon

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Harley the Hawk Goes to School

Harley the Hawk

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CDL Student Attendance and Engagement

Students are expected to be engaged in learning five days a week. We will encourage full participation; however, the pandemic’s reality requires flexibility on how a student demonstrates meeting that expectation. For example, a student may attend a live teacher-led session (synchronous), watch a teacher-recorded video (asynchronous), interact with the teacher via email, and/or post completed coursework.

If your child cannot participate in any aspect of distance learning on a school day, please email your teacher, as well as both of the office secretaries valerie_sinnott@beaverton.k12.or.us and martha_spinks@beaverton.k12.or.us. This will assure that your student's absence is recorded properly.

Staff will take attendance each day by 3:30 pm. Students who did not engage in any aspect of distance learning that day will be marked absent. Auto-Dialer messages will begin around 4:45 pm each day. Your family will be contacted via auto-dialer if the parent/guardian did not contact the school, and your child(ren) did not engage in any aspect of distance learning.

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Join the PTC General Meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd

Get Involved! Join the Hiteon PTC General Meeting via Zoom.

Please join us for our first PTC General Meeting of the 2020-2021 School Year. Zoom details below.

Date/Time: Sep 23, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 986 5909 4730
Passcode: HiteonPTC

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Let's Get Our Spirit On

Order your Hiteon Spirit Gear to wear on Spirit Day Fridays now. Just click on the image below.

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The Student Help Desk is now Open

If your student(s) have any issues with their device or logging in, you will need to contact the Student Help Desk. You can either email or call in for assistance. Your patience is appreciated, as waiting time can be lengthy. More information can be found here:


Need a Student Device ~ Forgotten Passwords ~ Change Student Chromebook Login

Need a Student Device ~

As we begin CDL, iPads are available for students in grades K-2, and Chromebooks are available for students in grades 3-5. If your student does not have a previously-issued device or has one that is not working correctly, please go to the Student Help Desk to request assistance or a replacement device. Our building tech team will respond to help desk requests and provide a weekly time for device pick up/replacement.

Forgotten Passwords ~

If your student has forgotten his/her email password, it can be found in ParentVue. If ParentVue says that the password has been changed, ParentVue will provide a number for you to CALL for help.

Change to Student Chromebook Login ~

On September 8th, the student login to Chromebooks changed. This change provides important security improvements. Students will log into their Chromebooks with their full student email addresses (i.e., 123455@bsd48.org). Setup, login instructions, and answers to general support questions can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

Internet Connectivity Update

Good news! BSD and Comcast have extended their partnership to provide free internet service to additional BSD families through June 30, 2021! We’re also extending free internet service for those families who have already signed up for the BSD-Sponsored Comcast Internet Essentials program through June 30, 2021. The plan is open to students who qualify for free or reduced-cost meal benefits. Applications are available online.

If your elementary or middle school student does not qualify for the Internet Essentials program, fill out this form to request a hotspot.

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BSD/Student Device Damage & Loss Protection

This year, all students in grades K-12 have the opportunity to check out a district-owned device for use at home during CDL. Anticipating that all students will get a district-owned device, the district adds a fee of $20 to students’ Online Payment accounts (maximum fee of $60 per family per school year) to enroll them in the Damage Loss Protection Program. This fee is waived for families who qualify for the free or reduced meal benefits program. Even though the fee is waived for free or reduced meal program, you are required to OPT INTO the protection plan to have coverage, there won't be a fee.

You can opt in for device protection in the Enrollment Verification process or fill out the form below and return with payment to Hiteon's main office.

Students need to pay the assigned fee prior to any damage or loss claims to be eligible for the Protection Program coverage and no later than 30 days after they begin school. Students may choose to decline coverage, but this is not recommended, because the family is assuming full responsibility for any costs due to damage, loss or theft. These costs could be as much as $300 per incident, regardless of how it happens.

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Student Enrollment Verification

Remember to complete your student's online verification. This is a yearly requirement for all students enrolled in BSD. Follow this link to the log in screen.

Attached is a guideline to help you through the process.

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Hiteon Behavior Health & Wellness

This 2020-2021 school year Beaverton School District has adopted a new team: the Behavioral Health & Wellness Team (BH&W). The Hiteon BH&W Team is composed of Administrators, Counselors, School Psychologist, Student Success Coach, Nurse, & Social Worker. This team’s goal is to support our students, families, and staff by providing services and resources to support our community’s mental health and wellness.

We look forward to partnering with you! You’ll hear more from us soon.

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Family Toolkit ~ BSD Resources

BSD has launched a library of resources to support families during Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). The site includes infographics, slide decks, and on-demand videos on topics such as:

  • Setting Up an At-Home Learning Space

  • Canvas 101: Navigating Canvas

  • Creating Family Learning Agreements

  • Your Child's Brain

  • A Guide to Translating YouTube Captions

  • Dreambox Webinar

We have included several resources that we think are especially useful as your child transitions to online learning. More content will be added to our Family Toolkit throughout the next few months Click on the tool box picture above or go to this link !https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/connect/family-toolkit

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Healthy Kids Learn Better

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Meghan Warren, Principal

Jenny Read-Emslie, Assistant Principal

Hiteon’s Mission Statement

Hiteon is a community dedicated to providing an educational experience in which everyone can reach their full potential and make positive societal contributions. We strive to enhance personal, community, and global identities while developing life-long learners.