The Benz Patent Motorwagen

The first gasoline powered car (designed by: Carl Benz).

Facts on the Benz

The Motorwagen was the first gasoline powered car ever! It was used to transport people in the early 1900's from place to place. The Motorwagen was not continued but many other cars were were inspired because of it. The Motorwagen is now placed in the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The Motorwagen has changed transportation forever (quicker and convenient) but has caused more pollution than we've ever had (other cars inspired after it).

Problems with the Motorwagen (things we'd change)

If we had a chance to change the Motorwagen we would do the following:

-give it 4 wheels

-give it a more powerful engine (more cylinders)

-give it better mechanics

Normal problems that would occur are:

-squeaky wheels

-engine failures

-popped tires

It'll be a bumpy ride

Fun Facts

-The original cost was 1,000 dollars which is eqivilent to 26,248 dollars in 2015.

-He unvealed the car to the public in 1886.

-25 Motorwagens were built between 1886-1893.

-The car had 3 wheels and a 2 piston engine (normal nowdays is 6).

-The engine weighed 220 pounds.