Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Edition 3_____________Sept. 9, 2013

This Week...




  • Faculty meeting - Vertical Teams


  • Dual Language Info Night -6:30 pm


  • 7:35 School-wide Assembly

A Look Ahead....

Sept. 3- 13 AIMS web BOY window

Sept. 3-16 (Gr. 1 & 2) Tejas Lee BOY window

Sept. 3-27 OWL assessments BOY window

Sept. 9-20 BAS reading assessment 1st-5th

Sept. 10 Grades 3-5 Computational Fluency

Sept. 11 Grades K-2 Computational Fluency

Sept. 12 New Teachers Google + Come and Go Online event (see link) authkey=CPrQ-uic6e-PMw

Sept. 16-20 Celebrate Freedom Week

Sept. 23-27 EGGI (Education-Go Get It!) Week

Sept. 25 Early release 12:45

Sept. 25 District Compliance Modules due

Oct. 7 BAS window opens for kinder

Professional Resource of the Week - Focus on Math!

Check out the preview of Chapter 2 for some ideas to support student understanding of basic number sense!
(Click the Table of Contents tab to find the Chapter 2 link.)

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Sept. 9 Jessica Ortiz

Sept. 11 Ellen Dybdall AND LaToyia Thompson

Sept 13 Kelly Mack

Celebrate your wonderful selves on your special day!