High Empire

Unit 6 - The Romans

Hadrian and The Antonines

This week we will explore an emperor who (in contrast to Trajan) is a man of culture and the arts: Hadrian. Fun fact about Hadrian: he was the first Roman emperor to be depicted wearing a beard. We will spend two class periods exploring his luxurious villas and domestic spaces.

Hadrian falls out of favor and dies an unpopular emperor. He is so hated that the Roman Senate tries to block his deification. Rome is then ruled by Antoninus Pius, who arguably left less of a mark on Rome than any of his predecessors. After his death Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus become Rome's first coemperors.

This Week's Agenda

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Upcoming Dates

This Week

  • Reading Quiz 3 - High Empire, November 13
  • Image IDs High Empire, November 15

Next Week

  • Image IDs Late Empire, November 20
  • Unit 6 Quiz, November 22
  • Themes Across Art History, November 22
  • Thanksgiving Break, November 24-30


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Der Konsument (The Consumer)

Der Konsument

Black Book Session 17 is this weekend

This is the best art show around for your age group. More information is available at their facebook page. You don't need to enter art work to attend. Bring your family, friends, dogs, whoever. Lots of fun to be had. I will be there.

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