Project Worldview 2015

AIESEC in Chennai

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Hi all! I am Srini. Welcome to Project Worldview 2015 :D *wooohooo*

We are so excited to see you guys in Chennai. You guys must be excited to see each other.

There are certain tasks to be completed before you guys land in Chennai.

This mail will guide you through the tasks and the deadline for the tasks. Make sure you stick to the deadline. Co-operate and help us deliver the best experience.

Team leaders and Teams.

We will be releasing the Team leader applications soon. You have to fill the application and send it to and

Deadline: 15th June 2015 11:59 PM IST.

There will be 3 teams and 3 Team leaders. Team leaders will be announced the 16th June 2015 and teams will be announced 17th June 2015.

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Power point presentations for presenting in schools, to be made before coming to Chennai. Topics will be given soon.

Deadline : 22th June 2015 11:59 PM IST

Presentations to be submitted to the respective EP buddies. He/she will review the content and the final presentations should be ready by 27th June 2015.

Give your Flight details and SIM card size (Normal/Micro/Nano) to your EP buddy ASAP.


What we expect from you guys:

  • Check mail once in a while. We will be sending lot of mailers.
  • Reply to the mailers and complete the work on time and stick to the deadline.
  • Keep in touch with your EP buddy.
  • Feel free to ask questions and interact :D


Queries or doubts?

Contact me :)

WhatsApp: +919789922907


Mail ID: