Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

November 16, 2017

What is going on?

Reading: We will be studying author’s craft. We will be stalking how good authors write to improve our craft.

Writing: Students will continue realistic fiction writing. We will be focusing on developing the character, setting, problem, and solution.

Spelling and Grammar: ask, brother, didn’t, four, keep, much, seven, try

After Thanksgiving break we will finish up our verb study by looking at verb tenses: past, present, and future.

Science: We use magnets in so many things! This week, students will discover how we use magnets in our everyday life. We will see how opposite poles attract and the same poles repel. We will also get a look at how the magnetic field looks.

Math: When we return from the Thanksgiving break we will continue our study of time. We’ll also review all measurement that we have studied so far (inch, foot, yard, cm,mm,meter) and have a measurement assessment at the end of the week.

This and that-

We will study different cultures soon (Dec) with an emphasis on holidays. If you would like to share your families culture with the class, please let me know! I will create time for you to come in and teach us. What would be super enjoyable is for the students to see traditional clothing, try bite sized food/treats (no nuts), see artifacts/objects, play traditional games, listen to music, experience something authentic, etc.

Think about it!!

Telling Time is coming up- If you can purchase an analog watch for our kids. Quiz them at home the time, talk about quarter after, quarter till, and half past. This is a hard concept now, because they see digital clocks everywhere! Put painters tape over the digital clocks for the next three weeks.

Book orders are going home today. If you would like to order for stockings or for Christmas. Let me know, and I will not give the books to the kids when they arrive. I will let you know, and you can pick them up in the office.

Cogat Parent Resource-

I have noticed some have not been completing Xtra Math- or not completing it as often. Please lets get back into the routine. It does help with number sense and then carries down into problem solving. It is a concept that pays off in the long run. Thanks for helping!

Also, I have sent home the login information for an amazing typing and coding program that Round Rock pays for. I set up their accounts this week. The login code is stapled into our kids planners on the front page. This is a really great program check it out as often as you can.

It is called You can google it or it is on the Sommer Website under students.

TAG Information:

11/2 5:45-6:45 - TAG Information meeting with parents.

11/13-12/8 - Referrals accepted for January/February testing window.

1/8 - 1/10 - Let TAG Specialist know immediately of any transfer (new) students who arrived after the winter holiday and may have received gifted services at their previous school.

1/15 - Testing for gifted services will begin

4/1 - Final decisions regarding placement will be mailed out

Innovation Station Needs Donations!

Please help us stock our Makerspace. This is a space for creativity, expression, and innovation!

Here is a list of items we currently need for our next rotation (2 weeks!):

  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls

  • Egg cartons

  • Fabrics scraps

  • Unused crafting items (stickers, craft paper, hole punches, etc.)

  • Ribbon, string, rope, fishing line

  • Bottles, caps, etc

  • Old Cd’s, berry baskets, pretty much ANYTHING!

Don't throw it away-give it to us! A Large box will be left in the school entryway to collect the items. Please make sure the items are clean and ready to use!

** due to latex and nut allergies, please avoid donating items that use to contain these items (i.e. peanut cans, balloons, etc) Thank you for helping us keep Innovation Station safe for all our students**

Happy Thanksgiving!