CSISD Online Badges Program

Learn the tool, use the tool, get the badge! It's that easy!

We created the China Spring ISD Badges Program for anyone in the district to use as a resource for technology training and support and requesting your badge.

The site offers 50 badges you could earn by using technology tools in the classroom.

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Look through the site to see what badges are available.

If you feel you deserve one, simply click on the "Get The Badge" link in each description and share your wonderful experiences with us.

We'll use this great information to share best practices with each other and you'll be recognized for your hard work.

When awarded a badge, you'll receive a digital copy via Credly to place on your website, business cards, email signatures, and more.

You'll also receive a hard copy sticker to put up outside your door.

So, get started with your badge collection today!

Congratulations to these teachers for earning a badge!

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When is the deadline to earn a badge?

Never!!! It's an ongoing program. You can learn and earn at your own pace, even during the summer.

What if I'm already using technology in the classroom?

Perfect! Request the badge for the technology that you are already using in the classroom.

Do I have to complete online training to earn a badge?

Most badges do not require that you complete online training. Only certain badges require specific online training. See the description of the badge for more information.

What if I want to learn about how to use the technology tool, but I don't know where to begin?

Great! Go to the badge on the site, then chose one of two options.

  1. Click the different training or help links for the tool to learn on your own.
  2. Click the Request Assistance link for the tool to request training with Kari.

What badge should I earn first?

Earn a badge for a technology tool that you are already using in the classroom.

If you aren't, then email Kari to see which tool would be the best to integrate in your classroom and start learning that tool.

How do I set up my Credly account to receive my digital badges?

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