Room 38 Review

Maple Grove Elementary's 5th Grade Extended Learning Class

Friday, September 25, 2015

This week, students began reading Give Me Liberty in Literature. This novel correlates with our upcoming study of the American Revolution in Systems. We have begun discussion of some of the events that led to the conflict as our protagonist has encountered them in his life. Meanwhile in Systems, our study of U.S. History has taken us from the age of exploration to Colonial America.

Students took the South region test in Communications this week. Next week the class will test over the West region. During our Daily Grammar Practice, students examined their first compound sentence of the year.

In Math students took a break from our typical curriculum. Instead, we used "Hands On Equations." This program allows students to use manipulatives to work through algebraic equations. Next week students will complete Topic 4, "Solving Equations."

Students were fortunate to hear two guest speakers this week. Troy Cummings visited Maple Grove Monday. The author of The Notebook of Doom series spoke about the writing process with students and signed autographs for 5th graders. Room 38 joined Mrs. Maxwell's 4th grade EL class on Thursday to hear Doug Poe, the executive director of the American Indian Center of Indiana speak about the Native American culture and history. Mr. Poe also shared remarkable artifacts with the class, from a club made from a buffalo's hip bone, to deerskin, and much more!

Hands On Equations

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Author Troy Cummings

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Important Dates


  • south region states & capitals test
  • Math Topic 4 test