The Riebli Record-Special Edition

John B. Riebli Elementary Newsletter--September 7, 2018

Walk-a-thon 2018

A letter from PTA

Sept. 7, 2018

Dear Riebli Parents:

Our 7th Annual Walk-A-Thon is coming on Friday, September 28th. This promises to be a dynamic, community-building day and will bring great programs for our school again this year. Our goal is $50,000... which would be reached at $100 per student. This is the main fundraiser we will be having this fall, and we need your support!

The money we raise will be used to support the many programs PTA funds, including our Garden program, P.E./ Health and Fitness enrichment, Art Docent, assemblies, field trip support and community building events.

All students are expected to participate, as this will be during school hours. The Walk-A-Thon schedule for the grades are as follows: Kindergarten: 9:00-9:45 a.m., and 1st – 6th grade: 9:30-11:30 a.m.

The goals of the Walk-A-Thon are:

  • To unite our Riebli community
  • To raise $50,000

Collecting Donations:

  • We will be using 99 Pledges this year. 99 Pledges is a web-based fundraising platform
  • Your child’s personalized page should be emailed to you by Monday, Sept. 10th
  • You are also able to collect cash and checks
  • To Submit Cash/Checks please put in an envelope with students name, teachers name as well as the name of the person donating, and submit to Amber in the office.
  • Checks should be made out to: “14th District PTA”
  • We encourage students to be proactive in the fundraising effort! A lemonade stand or bake sale are fun ways to raise money. Also nothing is more persuasive then your own child making a video to send to friends and family! Have fun with it!


  • We are grateful to our awesome community of volunteers! The Walk-a-thon is a fun event to get to know fellow parents and meet your child’s friends too! There are many opportunities to help out so please join us for the day if you are able.
  • If you can’t be there during the event, we also will need various food items to be donated as well as items such as pop-up tents to borrow for the day.
  • The Signup Genius link will be emailed to you within the next week

Thank You!

Michelle Gagnebin

PTA Walk-A-Thon Coordinator

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99 pledges information

Dear Parents,

We are excited to streamline our fundraiser by going online. You will be able to reach out to friends and family by email, Facebook, and Twitter, instead of going door-to-door, tracking commitments, and handling checks.

In the coming days, you will receive an email with a link to your participant's pledge page. You do not need to login or change anything. Simply make a donation for whatever you can, and share your participant's link with friends and family. We are shooting for 100% participation so no amount is too small.

If you do not receive the email for whatever reason, simply search and find your participant's online pledge page here:

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