The Misshapen Pearl

The Baroque Period

The History

The Baroque Period was a changing form of music, the name baroque came for the Portuguese word barocco, "the misshapen pearl." Throughout the era, the music changed constantly. The big connection was that music during this time usually was made specifically for the church or special occasions. The main source of entertainment was music in the aristocratic society.

The Music

Some of the best known composers came from this era, such as Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, etc. Opera became more defined and technical during this time. There are two types of songs in an opera, the recitative and the aria. The recitative was typically was sung to fit the text in the opera, and the aria was a way to show off the performers voice in a beautiful and emotional song.

Some of the composers:

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Baroque to Classical

The Baroque Era ended around 1750, and the Classical Period began in Western Europe. The Baroque Era inspired a lot of composers in the Classical period. The composers in the classical period took the music styles of the Baroque period and explored the music to meet its full potential.