May 8, 2022 • Updates from Roosevelt Elementary

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We want to honor all of the mothers and the mothers-at-heart. Thank you for your care, support, and love. Happy Mother’s Day!

Your child will take the an important reading test, DIBELS, during the week of May 9-13.

  • What is DIBELS? DIBELS stands for Dynamic Inventory of Basic Early Literacy Skills, and it's a set of short, 1-minute reading tests given to all Roosevelt students 3 times a year. DIBELS lets your child’s teacher quickly check your child’s reading progress and provide the right support for all readers. (For more info on DIBELS, watch this short video.)

  • What's my child's DIBELS score, and what does it mean? Families receive information about their child’s DIBELS scores on their report cards and during fall and spring parent conferences. DIBELS has goals for students to meet to stay on track. If your child’s score meets these goals, your child receives core instruction and is continually monitored. If your child does not meet these goals, he/she is identified for extra support.

When are the state tests?

  • WCAS (science): Tuesday, May 10 (5th-grade only)
  • Math SBA: Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16-17

  • ELA SBA: already completed

How can I best prepare my child for state tests?

  • Talk to your child about doing his/her best, answering every question, and checking his/her work.
  • Ensure that your child gets at least 8 hours of sleep the night before the test.
  • Ensure that your child gets to school on time, eats breakfast, and is ready to start.

Why is state testing important?

  • State testing helps ensure that all students receive a quality education because they are measured to equal standards.
  • Test scores help us know how we can improve at Roosevelt.
  • Test scores also give your family valuable information about how well your child is learning compared to other children across the state.
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We're proud to join together with the Yakima Schools Foundation, Crystal Apple Committee, and community partners to bring the Excellence in Education Awards! It’s important we honor and show our gratitude to our teachers, staff, and community members for their commitment to education and impacting the lives of our future leaders. We applaud each and every person who works to strengthen public education, create equity, and empower our students to achieve academic and personal success.

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Congratulations to our fantastic paraprofessional, Mrs. Jenn Platt. Mrs. Platt was awarded our staff rotating award, the Spirit of the Bear Award, for the week of May 9, 2022.

Here's what Mrs. Fry wrote when nominating Mrs. Platt:

    • With much gratitude, I enthusiastically nominate Mrs. Platt for the Spirit of the Bear! Mrs. Platt, you have graciously cooperated with a challenging spring schedule and willingly filled in when there was a need. This has meant changes in routines, groups and data collection! Thank you for all you do for my first graders!

    Bear Clap for Mrs. Platt for showing the Spirit of the Bear every day!

    This week, one of our very own Roosevelt parents—Mrs. Beatriz Blanco—was featured in the newspaper El Sol de Yakima. Mrs. Blanco has 2 daughters who attend Roosevelt.

    She's being celebrated as a person who is on the path to achieving her dreams and who has overcome many obstacles. Mrs. Blanco moved from Colima, Mexico, 25 years ago and has achieved many accomplishments. She credits hard work and help from La Casa Hogar, where she studies English and builds and builds her technology skills.

    Congratulations, Beatriz Blanco, for being an inspiration to your family and to all of us at Roosevelt!

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    This week, your child will continue learning about PROBLEM SOLVING in Second Step Unit 4. Your child will learn how to take turns, share, solve accidental problems, and choose solutions. These lessons come from Second Step® Elementary, a research-based social-emotional learning program that builds children’s social-emotional skills. Check out this chart to learn more about this week's Second Step lesson, PLUS a skill that you and your child can practice at home!

    Phones are a normal part of life for many kids. However, if cell phone use is getting in the way of family time, homework, and other responsibilities, it might be time to help your kid manage their phone time.

    Here are some ideas from Common Sense Media, a great resource for parenting in the digital age:

    • Help kids find space for face-to-face conversations. Put phones down during key conversation times such as dinner or car rides.
    • Model the manners and behavior you want to see. Avoid texting in the car. Consider narrating your phone use ("I'm looking up directions to the party") so young kids understand the purpose of the device. Excuse yourself if you have to interrupt a family moment to attend to your phone.
    • Charge kids' phones in your room at night. Removing their phones can give kids a needed break.
    • Establish consequences for problematic phone use. If your kids are having trouble putting the phone away when you ask or are showing other problems with phone use, consider instituting temporary time or location limits. Some wireless carriers offer parental controls that let you set daily phone-use limits, and some apps can disable your kid's phone when he or she hits a limit.
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    If you think your child might qualify for the Highly Capable Program, you can nominate him/her by May 20th:
    • Visit Yakima School District's Highly Capable Program webpage for more information and to download a referral packet in English or Spanish.
    • Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments. Outstanding abilities are seen within student's general intellectual abilities, specific academic abilities, and/or creativity.
    • Our district has a variety of services for students who qualify for the Highly Capable Program (HCP): differentiation, flexible grouping, independent study, enrichment, independent projects, supplemental instruction in area of interest, content acceleration, and supplemental materials in the area of interest.

    Have a child who will turn 5 before Aug 31? Register for kinder by following these steps:

    1. Contact your neighborhood boundary school or YSD Student and Family Center (105 N. 4th Ave) for an enrollment packet.
    2. Submit proof of address (recent utility bill)
    3. Provide age documentation (birth certificate)
    4. Submit immunization records (from doctor's office)

    New kindergarten students will receive a student prize bag for early registration!!

    Click for more information in English or Spanish.

    Kids Bowl Free is back, and registration is open now at Nob Hill Bowling. Register your kids to get 2 FREE games of bowling each day all summer long. Enjoy an entire summer of FUN and bowling at your local bowling center. Register and get more information here.

    The Salvation Army is offering a summer day camp. Call 509-823-1820 to register or for more information.

    Attention future thespians! A summer drama camp will be hosted at Eisenhower High School this summer for kids entering1st-9th grades next school year.

    Registration forms can be found here. Registration is due by May 27th! Be sure to register soon, spots fill quickly!

    Visit our YSD COVID information page for the latest testing and vaccine updates, data, safety updates, and more. Here are some of the important changes:

    • Masks are now optional.
    • Visitors can enter the building, and volunteers fall under the vaccination requirement
    • Anyone with COVID-19-like symptoms is required to be sent home for a minimum of 5 days (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, lost of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea). Students may return after day 5 IF the symptoms are mostly improved. IF returning to school days 6-10, the individual is required to wear a well-fitted mask OR test negative with an antigen or at-home test after day 5 before returning without a mask.
    • The FREE YSD COVID-19 testing site is open for students, YSD staff, and their immediate families on Mondays through Fridays from 1-4 pm. The testing site is located at the new Health and Wellness Education Center at 331 N. First St.
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    Civil Rights and Equity

    Promoting Educational Access & Excellence for All

    Yakima School District encourages workforce diversity and complies with all state and federal laws prohibiting unlawful discrimination. Please read our full nondiscrimination statement for more information.