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Week of 1/7/2020

A Note Regarding the Events in Washington D.C.

Dear North Olmsted Families,

Yesterday was truly a moment that will live on in the history books of our country. As a former social studies teacher I have had the unfortunate opportunity to help many students cope with large feelings about and understand, if any, the meanings behind several tragic events over the past decade. When traumatic events happened, lesson plans were thrown out and conversations started.

These seemingly many points in recent history were not in the state standards at the time nor were they suddenly placed on a graduation test but these conversations had to happen to help students better understand and cope with their thoughts and feelings and most importantly, help them realize that not everything is bad, this is not the end. Our students live in this world too and they watch the responses of the adults around them, they base their reactions on what we do. It is truly up to us to ensure that we show our kids how to cope and handle when situations we never planned for occur.

I want to share some great resources that I have received from Mrs. Boyle-Scott, the principal at our Strongsville Campus. A great article about how to talk with your children can be read here and WKYC News had an interview story as well, featuring a local child psychologist with some tips and ideas on how to have conversations with children about the recent events.

Our students, families and staff here at AEA are some of the most amazing people around and while the world might be crazy I am so very happy that at the end of the day I get to be the principal of our little shared slice of the planet. I want to wish you the best with your own family conversations over the next few days reflecting on recent events. As always, I am here to help where and when I can.


Donald Bittala


Important Information

Half Way to the End of the (School) Year

Parents please check grades this weekend and ask questions now, late work and extensions can only be granted through the end of the 2nd Quarter. Please let us know if there are any special circumstances you're working with. January 15th is the final day for Quarter 2.

Return to Campus

See below for Return to Campus information for our 2nd Semester starting January 19th, 2021. We are continuing to plan for a return to in-person instruction on Tuesday, January 19th, the start of the 2nd semester.


Students need to have their cameras on and be seen to be counted as attending their classes. If a student has a tech problem with their camera please call the main office to report it.

Connecting for Kids Newsletter

Please click HERE for the latest Connecting for Kids Newsletter. There are lots of amazing opportunities for adults to connect with other adults, students to connect with their guardians and workshops to build new skills!

Sports Fans Rejoice

In honor of our teams, the Browns and the Buckeyes, doing so well let's spread some cheer!

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2nd Semester Virtual Learning?

If you would prefer for your student to learn virtually please send this form to Kristina Marchionna ASAP. If we do not hear from you then we understand that your students will be in person on January 19th.

🏫📸Remote Learning Expectations🖥️🎧


If your student is going to miss classes while remote learning you must call or email into Ms. Barker at the main office. Attendance expectations are still in place while remote learning.

To be counted as attending class students must have their camera on so that they can be seen by their teachers.

Cameras on

Students MUST have their camera on. If a student's camera is not on then they will be marked absent.

If a student's camera does not work then please notify the main office at 440-471-4982 x1800 ASAP.

Mute your mic

Leave your microphone muted unless called on. Please be polite to your fellow classmates and leave your microphone muted unless called upon. This will limit background noise for all!

📢Upcoming Events & Announcements📣

🚨Graduation Update!🚨

You must submit this FORM for your student's diploma name ASAP, the due date on them has passed.

The senior fee for this school year is $100. Checks can be made payable to Albert Einstein Academy. This senior fee is due to the school by Monday, March 26, 2021. Any fees received after this date will have a $25 late fee attached.

Graduation is only 136 days away!

Looking Ahead

January 15th - End of Quarter 2 / Semester 1

January 18th - No School | Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 29th - No School | Professional Development Day for Staff

Counselor Corner

Lunch Bunch

Students have been invited to join Miss Poe's lunch bunch, which takes place daily during all lunch periods. It is not mandatory for students to attend, but is just an opportunity for students to see and connect with fellow students and Miss Poe during remote learning. Feel free to stop in and say hey! Reach out to Miss Poe by email with any questions or concerns at

Small Group Sign-Ups

If you have not already, please refer to the signup sheet attached below if you would like your student(s) to participate in one of Miss Poe's counseling small groups. These groups bring students together to talk about their similar concerns in a safe and confidential space. There are a few different groups listed, but you are encouraged to suggest one if you do not think any will fit your student(s)' needs. These groups will start after winter break.

Click Here for Small Group Sign-Ups

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