February News 2023 -"The World's Greatest Elementary School"

Principal Points

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we enter February here are a few important reminders...

Safety in our parking lot is very important to us. Most families follow the parking lot rules; however we still have some families that are speeding, attempting to pass one another, and showing up late to pick up. Please do not speed or pass the vehicle in front of you. Please be on time to pick up your child!

Dojo is the best form of communication between families and our staff. Please feel free to communicate with any of our staff members through the Dojo app. Parents, if your phone number or address has changed please reach out to our office to let us know so we can make changes in our system.

iPads have been issued to a lot of families. Students can sign in using their clever badges or user name and password in order to fine tune / practice the academic skills that they have learned in class. There are also pre-loaded applications to help students catch up to their grade level if in fact they are behind and or challenge themselves with more difficult material. Please have your students logon during their Mid-Winter break.

Mrs. Monit, our building secretary is retiring on February 28, 2023. We would like to thank Mrs. Monit for all of her service to this community and school for all of these years. She has been a staple in the community as well as in Taft- Galloway. We are so thankful for her commitment, dedication and matriarchal love that she has provided to our students and families. Mrs. Monit will be missed!


Brandon C. Cox


Tiger Tips

Family Engagement Challenge: February Parenting Tips

Strength of the Week (February 1): Bravery -I take on challenges and speak up for what is right.

Next time you watch a movie with your family, name three characters with the character strength of bravery. What made them brave?

When celebrating your child’s accomplishments, instead of saying ‘great job’ or ‘good job’, try replacing it with the word brave. “It was brave of you to try a new food.” “It was brave of you to speak in front of your class.”

Encourage family members to set an intention to accomplish a goal that makes them a little nervous.

Strength of the Week: (February 8): Mindfulness- I am present and fully engage in the moment.

Discuss with your family how to listen to each other’s conversation without thinking about what they are going to say next. It is a great exercise with friends too!

Take a walk and notice five (5) things with four (4) of your senses. Practice being silent while walking.

I Hear... birds chirping, dogs barking, sirens, cars.

I See... a tight parallel parking job, cool rocks or public art, squirrels scurrying.

I Smell... food being prepped, snow coming, gas from a car.

I Feel... gravel under my shoes, bumpy bark on a tree.

Mindfulness doesn’t mean you have to be happy all of the time. Take a moment to be true to your present emotion. Talk with your child(ren) about their present emotions and yours. Each person can share why he/ she may be feeling a certain way.

Strength of the Week:(February 15): Fairness- I believe everyone should have the same opportunities.

It’s important to have a conversation with your child(ren) about the strength of fairness. Take a moment to share with your child(ren) a time when you realized you treated someone unfairly.

It can be hard to understand that fair does not mean the exact same or equal.

Next time there is a “sibling spat” in your home and you hear “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”, explain the concept at a calmer moment later.

Everyone has felt they have been treated unfairly. Ask your child(ren) to share when they were treated unfairly. See if they can come up with an idea that would have been a fair solution.

Strength of the Week: (February 22) Forgiveness- I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

Role model an example of forgiveness when someone cuts you off or takes your parking spot.

Help turn the song lyric “Let It Go” into a life lesson for your kid(s). Ask your to child(ren) to think of a person they are angry with...and “let it go” with a big exhale of forgiveness and kindness.

Practice forgiveness by replacing the memory of a negative thought of someone with a positive thought of that same person.

How did that make you feel?

About Us

Mission Statement

The vision of Taft-Galloway Elementary is to create an engaging and safe school that inspires growth and learning for all


Taft-Galloway takes PRIDE in being:
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