CGA Safety Policies

Summer 2021

Summer Safety Policies

After much research and consideration please review our summer safety policies below.

Mask Policies - No Changes Made

There will be no changes made to our current masking policies for the summer session. The coronavirus vaccines are only available for those over the age of 12, leaving the majority of individuals in our business unprotected from the virus. We have been advised by local public health officials to follow the CDC's Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools which states "Masks should be worn at all times, by all people in school facilities." We appreciate all individuals who have chosen to get vaccinated but we will require you to continue to wear a mask to protect those who are still at risk.

  • Masks must be worn over your nose and mouth.
  • All school-age rec and team gymnasts are required to wear masks in the facility for all non-gymnastics activities.
  • Preschool and toddler students must wear a mask in the lobby. Students are not required to wear masks once entering the preschool gym, but have the option to wear their mask during gymnastics activities based on their comfort level.
  • Children participating in the Infant Playdate are not required to wear masks. Caregivers accompanying them must wear a mask.
  • All gymnasts have the option to wear their masks during gymnastics activities based on their comfort level.
  • All staff are required to wear a mask while inside the building.

Class Policies

Class Ratios
  • Preschool Classes: Class size will be limited to a maximum of 12 children. Groups will be limited to a maximum of four children
  • School-Age Rec Classes: Class size will be limited to a maximum of eight children.


  • The main gym pit will re-open. Pit time will be a structured and scheduled part of each class on a bi-weekly basis. Only one class will utilize the pit at any given time.

Social Distancing

  • We will continue to encourage social distancing among athletes whenever possible in the gym. Children will remain masked if the opportunity to be socially distant is not available.

Facility/Capacity Policies

  • Please limit the number of spectators for each gymnast to allow all families an opportunity to observe classes.
  • We will no longer facilitate social distancing in the lobby through designated observation pods but ask that patrons remain mindful of social distancing.
  • Drop-off strongly encouraged for older gymnasts.
  • No food may be consumed in the facility.

Cleaning Policies

  • High contact areas within the facility will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • The entire facility will be disinfected each night using a recommended EPA-registered disinfectant that also carries the EPA's emerging pathogen claim. Contact times will be strictly adhered to in order to maximize effectiveness.

Continue to follow the following safety protocols that are still in effect.
  • Arrival: Arrive as close to the start of your class as possible to allow staff time to complete cleaning procedures between class times and avoid congestion in the lobby. Cubbies are available at the front of the lobby for drop-off students. If you are staying to observe your child's class, you should keep their shoes and other belongings with you.
  • Preschool Lobby: Priority should be given to those with children participating in a preschool class.
  • When to Stay Home: If your child, or any member of your child's household, shows symptoms of COVID-19, has been suggested to quarantine, or is otherwise under the weather, please keep them home. Each family is responsible for their own wellness and we are asking that you respect the health and wellness of all CGA families when making this decision.