Karl Marx

By: Aubree Rushing


Karl Marx was born in 1818, in Trier. Marx originally started studying law, and aimed for a job in academics. Karl wrote a Ph.D. thesis in philosophy. He never acquired a job in academics. Karl's views and radical thinking caused a shift towards journalism. Along with the pursuit of journalism, Marx began taking an interest in social and political issues.

10 facts about Marx

  • Karl Marx did not like capitalism. He believed that capitalism was an "unintended consequence."
  • Thought that capitalism was just feudalism with an evolution of the class system, and some structural changes.
  • Had Very strong communist views.
  • Believed that communism was going to take over in due time.
  • Marx predicted that a proletariat was going to take over production to begin benefiting workers.
  • Marx second prediction was that class society's will end, and communism will have taken over.
  • Cared about the inequality and poverty among the working class.
  • Thought workers were being alienated.
  • Karl Marx tried to bring change to the working class.
  • Marx believed that religion was the "opiate of the people"meaning essentially people just needed something to believe in, to make themselves feel better.