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Announcing Community-Fueled MIDI Designer 1.5

An Even Better Platform for Our Users' Layouts

The MIDI Designer Community has grown by leaps and bounds since we launched at the beginning of 2012. The community is now sharing layouts for equipment and software from Korg, Roland, and Novation, and more... and our users are just getting started.

MIDI Designer Community

No More Painting the Hallway Through the Letterbox

We're very grateful to all of our users for their layouts, praise, and of course, their buys and downloads. Their enthusiasm fuels platform development. Version 1.5 includes over 40 enhancements to the MIDI Designer platform to allow our users to design layouts and perform with them better than before. As one of our users said in an App Store review, switching to MIDI Designer means no more "painting the hallway through the letter box." And that's even truer with MIDI Designer 1.5.

Change Log for 1.5

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Key Changes in MIDI Designer 1.5

Lower Latency = Higher Performance

Before anything, existing users will notice a snappier response to touch in MIDI Designer. "More snappy" is always relative, especially since MIDI Designer was already really, really fast. In fact, I tried to get it on video, and you cannot see it. Here's the old vid that many of you have already seen, which is from before. Now, we're EVEN FASTER!

Maschine and MIDI Designer Duet
Aside from greater speed, MIDI Designer 1.5 includes three new key features (and more than a dozen others): Piano Keys, Front-Back Layering and New Controls. All features are equally available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Is MIDI Designer Done?

1.5 is a very important release for MIDI Designer. According to our Beta Team, MIDI Designer 1.5 is far ahead of earlier versions of MIDI Designer. Even so, our dev team is champing at the bit to start working on the next version. So no, we're not done yet. We've got big, big things in store for MIDI Designer.

MIDI Designer

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