What is Copyright? Also how to avoid it.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the protection of your work and material safe for a number of years, so what you produce is protected from other people "ripping you off" and stealing your work. It protects it by giving you a right to sell your product and no-one else, this also means people that use your product illegally or sell it without permission means you can fine them.


The consequences of breaking copyright laws can be having quite hefty fines, losing your job and or your property and items to pay for what has happened, people have also been put in jail, so instead of skipping half-an-hour and copying someones work and risking the loss of everything you love and have, spend that half-an-hour making a design and copyright it as your own, it is highly rewarding.


Vanilla Ice had a hit song in 1991 called "Ice Ice Baby" which featured David Bowie and Queens collaborative song called "Under pressure" without giving any credit to them. Leading for them to file a complaint. Vanilla Ice first denied the claims but then later, confessed and were sued. Bowie and Queen were given 250,000 each! After deciding they would lessen the sum they wanted.