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Day One Booking January - Meet The Star & WTS!


Hi Jane,
Happy New Year! It may be cold outside...but I just ordered the Stella & Dot Spring Collection and it's HOT! So many chic styles that will definitely brighten any cold day! In a few weeks cabin fever will have set in! Why don't we get your girlfriends together for a Spring Style Makes Me Happy Hour? A few glasses of wine and shopping with girlfriends is always the answer ;) Our average January hostess is rewarded with over $300 in new accessories for giving her girlfriends a night out! Your friends will love an excuse to sneak out for a few hours.

I still have the 20th and 21st open. Do either work for you? All I need is a list of your girlfriends to invite - I'll take care of everything else! We can do 7-9 and you can just serve wine & a little cheese. Easy, fun and fab! Let me know .... xoxo

Today's Words To Say & Gift is Sponsored by the FABULOUS Kristen Wheeler!

Kristen Wheeler - Star Stylist!

My bio:
I started buying Stella & Dot in 2008 or 2009 in the early days of the company, but I became a hopeless Stella & Dot addict when my friend Meredith Young signed up a stylist. Meredith worked on me for years to sign up as a stylist, and every time she mentioned it, I gave her the same answer. "I'm too busy. I'm not a salesperson. I don't know enough people to make that work." In the fall of 2014, though, I was suffering a total lack of confidence and was starting to see how that was negatively affecting my life and career. So I decided that I was going to stop telling myself all the reasons that I'd fail as a Stella & Dot stylist, and start believing in all the reasons that it might actually work. I signed up in September, 2014 with the goal of breaking even on my starter kit purchase. Fast-forward to November 2015, and you know what? I'm still too busy. I still don't think I'm the best salesperson. But, I have a group of fantastic leaders in the Golden Glindas who just refuse to let me give up on myself. And I've met so many amazing women whom I'd never know apart from Stella & Dot. I've even been so blessed to lead a team of five who worked like nobody's business to help me land a promotion to Star Stylist! I don't dream small anymore. My Why is two parts - one is providing opportunities for my family that I can't provide with just my full-time job, like splurging to take my husband on a romantic getaway to Chicago for Christmas. But maybe even more important, my second why is that this business continues to push me out of my introverted comfort zone because I'm learning in all areas of my life that outside of my comfort zone is where the magic happens.

My 2016 goal:
Dare I say it??!! I'd love to hit Heart of Leadership Star Stylist! And I'd love to add two or three more stylists to my awesome team, because we're having way too much fun doing this together.
My top tip:
Learn to ride the waves! I like to think of this business as being a little like surfing. Side note - I've never been surfing a day in my life, but I've watched surfing and I feel that makes me completely qualified to make this analogy. ;-). Not every moment of surfing is riding a huge wave. You're going to spend a lot more time paddling in the water or trying to get up on your board than you are riding those huge waves. Sometimes you're even going to get knocked off your board. But if you're persistent, you stick with it, and you keep getting up on that board, you're going to get that huge wave, and it's going to make all the hard work you put in totally worth it. So don't lose your confidence after a bad show, or a bad month, or even a bad string of months - those happen for every Stylist. Work your business consistently, believe in yourself, and I promise you whatever that big wave is for you - whether it's qualifying every month or hitting Star Stylist or beyond - you'll ride that wave if you're willing to stick with it!

My gift:
I can't start my day without coffee, and of course Starbucks is a personal favorite! I saw this "Best Day Ever" cup and thought that was something every Stella & Dot stylist needs. You also need coffee to fill that cup, so I'm adding a Starbucks gift card - I couldn't resist the festive flamingos when I saw them in the store. And for those nights that you need something a little more soothing, you can fill up your cup with some rich hot chocolate and marshmallows.