Nationalize Rocky & Bullwinkle day!

November 19 @ Rockwood Park, 1:00-4:00


Rocky and Bullwinkle was an iconic children's show from 1959- 1964. It stared Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel, who was meant to portray a man in serving his country due to the Cold War. His best friend is Bullwinkle J. Moose, who portrays a goofy personality and is seen to practice professions from a magician to a dentist. These best friends have stunning misadventures, from meeting J.F.K to fooling Russian Spies.

Why a National Holiday?

The reasons I have to nationalize Rocky and Bullwinkle Day are very straight forwards but are still very true. My first Reason to nationalize this is that this show was so influential to American History, from its subtle political cartoons to its portrayal of the citizens of the United States. Secondly, this show's animation helped to create shows like the Simpsons to Rocco's Modern Life, Mainly by their ever changing intros and slide by slide animation. Finally, this show's sub parts are slowly gaining more and more popularity from Mr. Peabody and Sherman to Dudley Do-Right. These are three undeniable reasons for why this holiday should be nationalized.

The Bad Guys!

Throughout the airing of the show, many different characters appear on different episodes including two Russian spies named Boris and Natasha and their leader Mr.Big. These characters relentlessly try to eradicate the main characters however they never manage to do so despite the intricate plans.
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