Cardiac Perfusionist

Megan Clark

Job Responsibilities

A Cardiac Perfusionist must operate the machine that pumps the patients blood while the heart is stopped during open heart surgery. Along with the attending physicians, they are responsible for choosing the best equipment and providing the best assistance during the surgery.

Environment and Salary

The normal place that a cardiac perfusionist will work is either in a hospital or a large surgical center. They can be expected to have an income of $90,000-$110,000.

Must be good in stressful situations + pay close attention to details

"On call" job

What are the qualifications for this job?

Must have a bachelor's degree in one of the following: chemistry, biology, anatomy, or physiology. Also, the perfusionist training program is required. This includes a minimum of 150 procedures as a trainee. After this, a certification exam must be completed.