Fire Department

Matthew Marquis

color changes

The NFPA says that a fire hydrant using public water should be chrome yellow the tops should indicate the GPM. below 500GPM should be red. 500-999 should be orange. 1000-1499 should be green. 1500 or more should be bue

Uniform changes

In the beginning of fire fire fighting they wore cloth PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), but in the late 1800s they switched over to rubber which wasn't good on the firemen so they made it thiner and easier to take off when needed. After that in the mid 90's the had put into play a new version of PPE using a combination of leather, plastics, and cloths. In 1996 they have the same but instead its three layers versus one. The newest PPE is not much different, they just have an extra neck cover and more pockets.


The helmets Were originally a hard leather, they then move to hard plastic and thats what we have now