About Me Project

Bryan Arsenault period five

Bizarre or funny story about me

In elementary school in the first grade I was told to go to the board to do a math problem (2+7) I got so nervous that I put 5 as the answer.

Favorite smell

My favorite smell is the smell of fresh baked brownies I like the chocolate smell baked into their own smell

9/11/01 was the most significant event of the year I was born I was about 2 months old

"Do it!!" - Shia labeouf

Two of my favorite people

1. Ryan my best friend is one of the favorite people in my life. I've known him for nine years going on ten. We met back in kindergarten it was the first day and my mother told me to make some new friends so I saw this kid putting away his backpack and so I walked up to him and said hi I'm Bryan, he said to me oh hi I'm Ryan and we became fiends every since.

2. Thomas I guess u could call him my second best friend. We've known each other for eight years going on nine but me and Thomas met the same me and Ryan did I said hi he said hi back then boom instant best friends.

Favorite things

favorite actor- Adam Sandler

favorite actress- I don't have one

favorite song- castle of glass by linkin park

favorite band- linkin park

favorite athlete- Tom Brady

favorite book- divergent

favorite food- cereal

favorite class- Math

favorite teacher- mrs. Haynes

best friend- Ryan fertig

favorite television show- The Walking Dead

favorite car- 600cc Honda CBR600RR

favorite summertime activity- sleeping

favorite weekend activity-sleeping

and favorite movie- Lone Survivor

My menu

Breakfast- cereal

Lunch- abc 123 spaghetti o's

Dinner- carnè pacata

Dessert- ice cream w/ brownies

Snacks- goldfish/cheese its/twizlers

5 life goals

1. Graduate high school

2. Join the marine corps

3. Graduate basic training

4. Go to collage

5. get a job I like