Renaissance Art and Architecture

by Nico and Robert


Renaissance artists created scuptures, murals, drawings, and paintings. Artists' aim was to show the importance of people and nature, not just religion.

-figures were life-like and 3-D.

- in the sculptures and paintings the bodies looked active.

- many figures were nude or clothed

-paintings were often symetrical

-artists showed religious and nonreligious scenes

Famous art and artists

Leonardo Da Vinci




- Architects and builders were influenced by classical ideas

- Renaissance architects studied Greek and Roman ruins, and modeled their buildings on what they learned

- They particularly liked rounded arches, straight columns, and domed roofs

- During the Renaissance, wealthy families built private townhouses known as palazzi or palaces

- Most palazzi were built around a private courtyard, where there were statues and other works of art

- Architects designed public buildings where citizens could interact in settings that were grand yet welcoming

- They used Roman-inspired, roofed porches called loggia to join buildings and create outdoor plazas

- One of the most impressive architectural feats of the Renaissance was the Great Cathedral, the Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore

- Architects had to learn about the mathematics involved in creating buildings

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