Region 9 Head Start Happenings

February 2020

CLI Circle Progress Monitoring reports

♥ Please let Region 9 know if you need Student reports printed
♥ At this time, the Parent reports continue to print as 7 pages long per student. Here are 3 options on how to get this information to your parents:
  1. Print the student report to give to parents (or requst R9 to print)
  2. "Share results with parents online" option in CLI
  3. Print Parent report on your own
♥ Here is the information on our website how how to print and read reports: CLI Information

Marvelous Explorations Through Science and Stories (MESS)

Have you seen this amazing Head Start resources? MESS is a science-centered curriculum enhancement for children ages 3–5. Each MESS guide includes field-tested science experiences and suggestions for ways to integrate the topic across the curriculum. Review lists of recommended books and science materials. Discover ideas for involving families in children’s learning at home and in other settings. Click here to visit website:

Census Day is April 1st!

In the 2010 Census, young children in Texas were under-counted by five percent. Due to this under count, Texas has lost almost $119 million dollars every year for federally-funded health, safety, and well-being supports for children and families (Medicaid, CHIP, foster care, adoption, and childcare) -

Early Learning Week

June 15-18, 2020

Registration begins Monday, March 30th

Policy Council

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 6pm

710 Burkburnett Road

Wichita Falls, TX