Copyright is a collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of work

Public Domain-

Definition: When the copyright has run out and the creator doesn’t own their own work.

Example: Tom Sawyer, Romeo and Juliet, Beethoven's, music, silent films.


Definition: Copyrighted work that you can copy, use, or give away for free

Example: iTunes, Windows, Safari, Internet Explorer


Definition: Copyrighted work that you can copy, share, and use for free, but only for a limited time; Free trial

Example: Lite Apps

All Rights Reserved-

Definition: Allows the purchaser to use software according to the details in the license agreement

Example: Software bought at best buy or a similar store

Open Source-

Definition: Software that includes the source code with the idea that someone can improve it.

Example: Firefox and Chrome allow its users to have the actually code for the software.