Martin Luther King Jr.

Biography By: Ivan Toribio


Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia January 15,1929. Martin Jr.'s father was a church minister all the way till 1893 then moved to Atlanta. He married Jennie Celeste Scott. Who only had one child who survived Alberta. Martin actually lived in a safe environment.

In May 11,1939 Martin was baptized. Martin was a very smart child who graduated high school when he was 15. He enter More house college in 1944. He was smart and was popular, even with the lady's.

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Martin's Segregation life

Martin gave lots of speeches during his mid life. Until he gave his famous speech "I Have A Dream" in 1963. He was married to Coretta Scott on June 18,1953. His father died in Nov 11, 1984. He died in April 4,1968. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for civil rights movement.

NoteBook Questions:

He is positive on society because he helped African-Americans, an stopped segregation.

He had a positive effect in the U.S because of his help stopping segregation and he always was nice. I would describe Martin as helpful, loveful, happy, cares. He over came obstacles by protesting and going to jail he didn't care he just wanted to help his race. I chose him because he is good with society. I learned something interesting that Martin almost comitted suicide. He is interesting because he was very smart in school and did everything to help his race. What changed his life was when his grandmother died because he wanted to commit suicide.

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Martin's Death

After he died he was known as well as the World's Known Africa-American of the era.

When he died there was a lot of riots across a 100 cities in America.

There has been a holiday for him, schools named after him. He was a very special person because of his impact on society. The reason why I chose him is because of his speeches, protests across his state and because of his smartness.

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