Hitlers Technology during WW II

Did Hitler's new German technology affect WW 2?

Hitlers Flak 18 and the U-boats

The Flak 18 was a huge power cannon that attacked and damaged the boats and aircraft ,Hitler used this to attack the enemy and caused many causalities. This was very dangerous in battle. Another weapon tech that Hitler used in WW II was the U-boats. The U-Boats were very affectinve during WWII. They were cause to destroy any navy ship no one could see them so they because it was underwater and no one could attack it

Armoured Vehicles

Germany recognized the importance of tanks at the beginning of the war. Heinz Guderian, one of Germany's best commanders during World War II largely helped the development of Panzer forces and the organization of tanks into divisions. Hitler at first developed tanks to be used as a propaganda tool, since many thought them to be impressive. However, the effectiveness and power that tanks held caused further development for more powerful tanks.

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U-Boats during WW II

Between 1914 and 1918, Germany’s 300 U-boats managed to sink a total of 5,000 civilian merchant vessels totaling nearly 13 million gross tons of shipping. [3] Following the Armistice, the Britain and France barred Germany from owning a single submarine. But in 1933, Hitler set out to reconstitute his country’s silent service. The Nazi dictator initially concealed his objective by outsourcing the Reich’s submarine manufacturing to Finnish and Dutch shipyards. The end result of this process was the Type II U-boat. By the time the first vessel in the class was in the water, Berlin had negotiated an agreement with London that allowed Germany a limited number of submersibles. Less than two weeks later, the first Type II sub, designated U-1 was officially commissioned. More than 50 more such models would be constructed over the next five years. By 1945, nearly 1,250 German U-boats of various makes and models had put to sea. All told, Hitler’s submarines sank more than 2,750 Allied ships totaling more than 14 million tons.


I think Hitlers new German technology did affect WW 2 greatly. All the tech Hitler use destroyed many people during the war.