flappy birds the game

Popular Flappy Bird game can be played online completely free

Flappy Bird has enjoyed the spot of the most downloaded free game on mobile app stores. At one point of time, the game was bringing in as much as fifty thousand dollars each day as revenues coming from various in-app purchases. The game was however, infamously withdrawn by its creator. The developer stated that the game had proven to be an addiction problem and the only way out of this problem was through the game’s removal from stores. This angered the huge fan base of the game and subsequently, the game has received a lot of hype and criticism. Even though the developer has stated that the future holds a new and less addictive version of the game, fans are bent on finding new platforms where they can play the original flappy birds the game for free. Thankfully, many online sites address this very need of the users and provide the original game in all of its glory.

The reason as to why Flappy Bird was successful in the first place was because of its super simple and easy to learn gameplay. The game features simple pixelated graphics and requires only a tapping action by the user in order to play. This led to widespread acceptance of the game and even the busiest people and the non-gaming crowd were roped in. All other rival games featured heavy gameplay and content. Flappy Bird proved to be a completely new breakthrough in the gaming market and has since, resulted in many copy games being released. Flappy Bird also is extremely difficult to master, making it all the more thrilling and fun to play. The game has always received mixed criticism and it has been much loved and also widely hated for all that it has to offer. The news and popularity of the game have spared very few and people in the order of millions have wanted to play the game, even more so since the withdrawal. Flappy Bird still has the same craze and following as it did before its removal, if not more.

While originally available only for mobile games, Flappy Bird is now available to be played online. This comes largely on the basis of heavy demand. Many old fans were frustrated at not being able to play the game. Newer users were intrigued to try out the game as it had received so much hype. Flappy Bird game has proven to be one of the pioneers in simple yet difficult to master games. Its massive popularity has spared very few and every day, more and more people look for ways in which they can get to play the game. With a number of copy games and also the creator of the game looking to release a version in the future, fans have many options laid out in front of them, but most just want to play the original game. This has now been made possible, with many sites on the internet which allow users to enjoy the flappy birds the game.