ESPN Web Developer I

By: Mackenzie Henderson and Sydney Etheridge

Job Description

You will create, develop,and deploy new products and applications. You will work work with product managers, engineers, designers, and editors. ESPN partners with the SEC network.

Information about Web Developer

The jobs falls under the entertainment branch. Disney is partnered with the job, with the SEC. It provides information about certain SEC news.

Personality Traits/ Salary

In this job you will have to use several scripting languages, as well as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Develop new features for the SEC digital network.

The average salary amount for ESPN web developer I is $68,000 a year


The education required for this job is a BS degree, and preferably in computer science or related technology field. Qualifications are minimum of 1 year hands on experience developing web applications in a professional environment. Good communication skills and attention to detail. You need self motivation while operating effectively in team oriented and collaborative environment.
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