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Process On How To Reset Craftsman Garage Door Remote Keypad

Craftsman is one of the famous brand of garage door opener. The remote control is your key to give your garage a powerful security. And because it is keyless entry, you are able to operate the door without doing the manual process of opening it. Garage door opener is an electronic appliance that being used to simply move the door downward and upward. This can be found in the upper part of the garage. The owner is the only person who can reset the keypad and has the access on the settled passcode. In order for you to open the door, you should provide the right passcode to the remote keypads. Remember, different passcodes are being held by the garage door opener and it will depend on the owner what passcode what they are going to use.

If you have forgotten the passcode or if you wish to have a new one. You can possibly attain a new code by resetting the keypad’s secret code. This simple task will only take in just 20 minutes.The following steps below are the only way to change your current passcode.This article will guide every homeowner more even the user who had just their opener lately.

1. The "reset' button needs to be set on your craftsman garage door opener. Basically, the color if the said button is red or blue.

2. The reset button should be pressed and held in just 6 or more seconds. In this moment the indicator light located on your garage door opener near the reset button turns off.

3. Then, just do press the button "reset" again. Move outside together with the keypad and begin entering your new passcode. After this, just click the enter button.

4. If you have seen that the indicator light flashes out of the garage door opener, this is your sign that your new passcode has been settled. If not, do the last 2 sentence of step no.3. The new passcode is ready to use now.

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