Mississippi River!

By: Elizabeth P.

The length of the Mississippi River

The Mississippi river is 6,275 km long. The Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in the world! The Mississippi River is actually the fourth longest river in the world! Rivers that are longer include the Yangtze River (number three), the Amazon River (number two), and the Nile River is the longest! There is some disagreement among experts whether the Amazon River or the Nile River is the longest.

The Drainage Area for the Mississippi River

The drainage area of the Mississippi River is 1,800,000 km2. The Mississippi River drains a massive amount of area over North America. The Mississippi River drains into the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is on the southeast part of North America and the maximum dept is 4,000 m.

Some of the tributaries for the Mississippi river

some of the tributaries for the Mississippi river are Missouri River, the Ohio River,Black River,Minnesota River,La Crosse River. Theses are few for the tributaries for the Mississippi river.

The States the Mississippi Flows Through!

The Mississippi River flows through the following United States of America: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. This means that the Mississippi River runs through approximately one in five of the total number of the United States from the northern part of the United States to southern United States.

Human Impact

The Mississippi River is known all over the world for two major reasons. The first reason is the role that the Mississippi River played in the history of the USA. The United States colonization followed the Mississippi River pattern. The second reason the Mississippi river is known around the world is that the Mississippi River is most polluted river in the world! You may think this is a recent event but the pollution of the Mississippi River actually started in the 1700's from all the settlements along the river side. One reason for the pollution is related to all the flood protection and levees that were built along the Mississippi River to keep farms and homes safe from floods. Flood protection and levees interrupt the natural flow and drainage of the Mississippi River.


The flood protection and levees continue to be built by humans and this impacts the Wildlife natural to the Mississippi River. Some of the animals have been impacted so much that they have been placed on the endangered list. These animals include the Louisiana Black Bear, the Sturgeon Pallid Fish and the Sandhill Crane.

The Louisiana Black Bear

The Louisiana Black Bear is a big, bulky mammals. They are different from other black bears because of their longer and narrower scull. The weight of a male ranges from 200 to 400 pounds and the females weight ranges from 120 to 200 pounds.

Sturgeon Pallid Fish

The Sturgeon Pallid Fish has a dinosaur-like appearance. Instead of scales, the Sturgeon Pallid Fish has bone plates which act as armor. The weight of a Sturgeon Pallid Fish is around 80 pounds. The Sturgeon Pallid Fish can grow to be 6 feet long!

Here are two endangered species.