American History

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The Story of the Boston Tea-Party

The Boston Tea Party is a tragic event that occurred December 16, 1773. It is also referred to as "The Destruction of Tea in Boston." The citizens who were very displeased and upset about England's taxes on tea so they disguised themselves as Native Indians and destroyed a ship that carried tea on it from England. The citizens threw all the tea off ship into the Boston Harbor which angered the Britain's. The British quickly passed a few laws that would prevent something like this to happen again after the Boston Tea Party took place. This event quickly led into the American Revolution. The reason they did this was because England put a expensive tax on all of their food and supplies which angered the settlers of the New World. They did not agree with the British Parliament tax on these items. This was a step closer to getting their independence from England.

The Boston Massacre


The unforgettable Boston Massacre took place March 5, 1770. The citizens who were already upset with England over numerous reasons especially because of the new taxes England had put on food and supplies were throwing snow and other objects at the British police. This made the police very upset and they killed five citizens and injured six more. The Patriots told everyone what had happened which angered all the civilians there. This caused even more tension between England and the new colonies.

The Battle of Saratoga

This remarkable battle took place September 9th, 1777. This battle was between England and America. The Americans won which gave them the edge in the American Revolutionary War. This was the turning point of the war in the Americans favor. After America won this battle, France decided to help America fight England and win the war. France was guaranteed their land back which was Canada. The British surrendered after this battle on October 17th.
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Battle of Yorktown

This Battle start September 28th and was not over until October 19th in 1781. The Americans had help from the French during this battle. George Washington was leading the American troops. George Washington used very useful and smart tactics which helped America win this war. They ultimately made the British general surrender. This was a long lasting and tiring battle. Many people lost their life's, however it was worth it because America got its freedom that they so desperately wanted.
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Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is one of the most important documents in American history. It was made September 25, 1789 and ratified December 15, 1791. It tells us our rights and what we can do. We now can pick what religion we want to believe in. We have the right to bear arms and can say what we want. We now have more rights that we did not have before.
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Virginia Decleration of Rights

This was a very important document published in 1776 which gave the citizens of Virginia their rights. George Mason mainly worked on this. There were many new sections to this. This gave Virginians rights that they did not have before. Many people were pleased and thankful for this.
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George Washington

George Washington is a very important person to America. Not only was he the first President of the United States but also the Commander of the army in the American Revolution. He was also a founding father of this country. George Washington lived a very busy life and died at the age of 67.
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Ben Franklin

Like George Washington, Ben Franklin was also a founding father of America. Ben Franklin did various things during his life. He was an inventor of electricity. Ben Franklin has been honored today with universities being named after him. He is also the face of the one hundred dollar bill.
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