this is a smore about Mexico!

Welcome to mexico!

here we will fill you in on fun facts and animals that are crazy or cool

like the Mexican vine snake!or the grey wolfs.

beware you mite just find something really interesting!


The mexico wolf is one animal that is the smallest of grey wolfs, that's present in north america.It's about the size of an German Shepard, as of now only

340 wolfs are liveing in 49 faculties in new mexico and the usa.

Vine snake!

Mexican vine snakes are a green color and some have black or white or even both

colored flecks on there skin!

the snake is also Mildly venomous but it's not considered harm full to humans.

Vine snakes have grooved fangs in the back of there mouths,

that are used to inject venom with the normal fangs in front.


Keel-billed Toucans

No one knows what toucans large beak is for..people think that they use to reach for fruit

to eat from trees.the branches are to small to support the bird,

they will also eat the eggs of other birds and lizard's.

There are over 40 species of toucans.

facts on mexico

~ mexicos offical name is

Estados Unidos Mexicanos

~ one weird Mayan weapon is a hornets nest they would throw them at enemy's during battle



Azteca is the mexicos horse.

they are mostly found in an solid color sometimes pinto,

these horses are competed in westrin rideing and English rideing

the azteca horse was found in 1972 from a mix of

Andalusian and american American quarter horse.