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Utilizing YouTube in the Classroom

by Annabel Dotzman, Technology Integration Coach PreK-12

In last month’s newsletter, Technology Integration Coach Aaron Heintz wrapped up his series that explored Doug Belshaw’s 8 Essential Pillars of Digital Literacy. He provided insights to developing these literacies, and ways of connecting them to the classroom. “Re-mixing” lessons can be a simple way to do just that. Within any given school year, educators curate tremendous amounts of material with the goal of developing or updating lessons that will engage their students and result in meaningful learning.

Today, the internet provides educators much easier access to a wide range of digital tools to assist in accomplishing this goal. In particular, multi-media platforms have the capability of addressing multiple learning modalities and give students access to subject content at their learning level. One such platform that may not be the first tool educators, especially in the younger grades, reach out to is YouTube.

YouTube videos can be an engaging and effective resource across all content areas. There are now a multitude of channels dedicated to all things education. A few worth checking out include:

PBS Kids - (elementary)

SciShow Kids (elementary)

National Geographic (elementary and up)

TedEd (upper elementary and up)

Veritasium (upper elementary and up)

CrashCourse (upper elementary and up)

ComaNiddy (upper elementary and up)

It’s Ok To Be Smart by PBS Studios (upper elementary and up)

Often times, however, comments, ads, and video suggestions that appear around the video may not be suitable for the classroom. As a result, teachers become hesitant to incorporate these videos into lessons and share them with their students. But what if there was a way to eliminate the distractions that tend to be inherent in YouTube videos? and are two free, easy to navigate websites that can do just that. Both platforms use a YouTube video link to display videos in a simple, clean format. Cropping features in both sites also give teachers the flexibility to show only portions of their selected video. As a best practice, always preview videos prior to sharing them with students to ensure they are appropriate for the intended audience.

These two sites make it manageable for educators to share YouTube videos safely in the classroom, thus enabling YouTube content to be a valuable resource for engaging students across all subject areas. For more tips and strategies on effectively bring videos into your classroom, be sure to check out Common Sense Media’s Educators Resource Page.

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Tech Director's Corner

Happy May! It’s difficult to believe that we have arrived at this point in the year already! While each year moves quickly, this one was very unique!

In this edition of our newsletter, we highlight and thank the educators who have directly engaged with AoP Tech through content creation or being nominated for our monthly teacher feature. Thank you to these teachers for your time and preparation this year!

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