HGHS Instructional Update

May 16-20, 2016

Goal-Setting/Data Folders

Wondering what to do with student Goal-Setting and Data folders?

Give seniors their folders to take home. Then do this:

1. Print a copy of your 4th period roster.

2. Draw a line through names of seniors on the roster.

3. Put a check mark beside each folder you are turning in.

4. Bring the roster and folders to C206.

5. Put the roster and folders in the designated locations.

If possible, please complete this by the end of the day on Friday, May 20.

Thanks to so many of you who worked with students to make their goal setting and data recording a meaningful and relevant experience! We'll continue to refine this process moving forward.

Summer is Growing Season!

Feeling the need for some summer growth? Here's a sampling of what's available and FREE . . .

Strategic Teaching Grades 4-12: June 13-15 (STI-PD ST-REG3) Provides opportunities to learn how to incorporate literacy strategies in your content area through strategic teaching. The purpose is to provide engaging tools to help students become strategic learners, think critically, and to help them better comprehend classroom content--science, history, math, language arts, vocational, and elective classes as required by Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards. Participants will receive an 18 hour professional development certificate from ARI at the conclusion of the 3-day session.

Experiencing Dyslexia Simulation Training: June 1 or June 2 (STI-PD ARI 02016-09 or ARI 02016-10) This dyslexia simulation is a hands on experience designed to increase awareness of the difficulties and frustration that individuals with dyslexia (specific language learning challenge) encounter daily. The intent of this experience is to lead to greater empathy and understanding and provide insight into working more effectively with these individuals. During this simulation, participants will engage in situations designed to stimulate various language-related tasks similar to those encountered in the classroom and workplace. This is not a "train the trainer" professional development. All materials used and rights to facilitate this simulation are reserved by the Shelton School in Dallas, Texas. 3 hour session

ALSDE Web-Based Professional Development: June 1-July 19

The Summer Semester catalog is available at http://elearning.alsde.edu/. Many titles available--all online.

edWeb.net: A Professional Learning Community with Free Webinars Explore, join a community. Then participate in live webinars or watch archived webinars.

Google Certified Educator Training and exams available at https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/.

Unleash Your Technology Superpowers!!

The North Alabama Technology Conference (NATC) is at Meridianville Middle School June 21-22. Registration is $50 for both days, which includes lunch and snacks.

For more information and registration: http://natc2016.weebly.com/

Hey, you! You're a Miracle Worker!

Teacher and performance poet Taylor Mali says it well . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSDPhhfEY5A