Mars Pathfinder

Later named Sojorner

Launch Dates

Pathfinder was launched on December 4th, 1996

Pathfinder sent its last bit of info on September 27, 1997

Launched from USA aka nasa

Sojourner Truth

Mars Pathfinder had its name changed to Sojourner after Sojourner truth.


Sojourner cost 175 Million dollars.

What was it famous for?

This was famous because it was the first rover on mars that had the tools to analyze the dirt on mars. It could read what the dirt's composition and check it for any signs of life.

How has it benefited the world?

Most importantly it has proved that there was no Martians on Mars :P. It has also found out that there was possibly water on mars. It also discovered that the dirt on mars is mainly composed of iron. It inspired us to do more missions towards mars. Ultimately it deepened our understanding of mars.