Singapore Botanic Garden

What is it?

Is a 156-year-old tropical garden located at the fringe of the singapore's main shopping belt it is one of three garden, an the only tropical garden, to be honored as a UNESO worid Heritage site.

Where is it found?

Hollan Road, Clementi, Npier Road, Orchard Road.

Is it a cultural or natural site?

Cultural and natural.

year of inscription?


what can visitors see/do/experience at the site?(1st Activty)

-Go on a walking trail of the gardens

there is so much to explore and see in the singapoe, we have range of walking trail guides that you can refer to if you wish to explore the gardens, with walking trail that range from 40-90 minutes in duration, there should be one that suits your nees. these trail guides canbe accessed through your smartphone or tablet.

What can visitors see/do/experience at the site?(2nd Activty)

-Herb & spices( A Gardening workshop cum Guided Tour) with the herbs and spices

Get up-close and personal with comes only use in Asian and westen cooking.

This workshop will explore their historical signficance, their uses as herbal remedies and method of propagation.

Singapore Botanic Gardens