Math Empowers 1

Middletown Township Public Schools

First Grade - 1st Quarter 2016-2017

There are many ways to build number sense and reasoning skills in your students. Check out this SMART notebook file with 23 slides of various number lines, interactive hundreds charts and even place value templates modeled after Dreambox lessons! There are "Number of the Day" slides with suggested discussion questions for your whole group number talks, and bar model templates to use with ANY math lesson. There is an interactive Fact Family House Game and a place value game with interactive dice. There is also a Mystery Number Detective Game that can also be added to center rotations! If you are looking for a new and engaging way to start a math lesson, number talk, or a new way to work with a small leveled group, there are plenty of options here! Be sure to read the pull tabs on the slides for more ideas! If you would like your Math Specialist to schedule a number talk or introduce a new reasoning routine, just ask! This, along with even more Smart board files has been added to your Go Math Resource Sheet!



Help your students make sense of math.

Check out these questions to help your students think deeper about math.

100 Questions That Promote Mathematical Discourse.

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The Pluses of Counting on Your Fingers

Check out this great short article from the Wall Street Journal last Sunday! It talks about how using one's fingers in developing number sense to improved visual understanding of mathematics. The Pluses of Counting on Your Fingers

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As the math specialist dedicated to all things First Grade, my hope is that together we inspire our children to seeing math in their world; to discovering how dependable their numbers are; to breaking their numbers apart and flexibly putting them together again; and to confidently making more and more numbers "their numbers".

Kristine Venneman

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Bayview Elementary School

First Grade Representative